WorkCover NSW Update

WorkCover NSW Update

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The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) advises of the gazettal of the Workers Compensation (Massage Therapy Fees) Order 2016. SIRA advises maximum rates gazetted for Massage Therapists have been indexed in line with the Wage Price Index and take effect from 1 January 2016 for services provided on or after that date.

The State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is undertaking a review of the Allied Health Practitioner Management Framework. The purpose of the review is to align with system objectives resulting from legislative reforms of an increased focus on recovery at work; to improve consistency across the various allied health practitioner groups; and reduce red tape.

An outcome of this review is the decision to no longer require Massage Therapists to be approved by SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation to deliver services in the NSW workers compensation system.

This change will take effect from 1 January 2016. The current moratorium on approval of Remedial Massage Therapists will remain in place until this date.

What does this mean for all massage therapists?

  • The Massage Therapists Fees Order remains in place
  • All massage therapists still have 5 pre-approved treatments sessions
  • In mid-2016 a NSW workers compensation guide for allied health practitioners will be released, which sets out the expectations and procedures for all allied health practitioners when delivering services to workers in the NSW workers compensation system. This Guide will replace the Remedial Massage Therapists Guide to WorkCover NSW
  • Any ongoing treatment services need to be requested using either the Allied Health Recovery Request or the Remedial Massage Treatment Plan. Both constitute a request for approval to continue treatment beyond the initial five services
  • Massage therapists are still subject to review by a SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation approved Independent Consultant and are requested to fully participate in Independent Consultant reviews when contacted. This is to encourage the progression of treatment when barriers are evident in:
    • recovery,
    • return to work, or
    • active participation.

SIRA Workers Compensation will provide further information regarding the outcomes of the Allied Health Practitioner Management Framework review once finalised.

Please refer to the SIRA workers compensation website for further information.

For more information please download the review the following documents. 

  • A fact sheet to assist with informing y of the changes regarding the establishment of SIRA Workers Compensation Regulation (formally known as WorkCover NSW) can be found below.

Enquiries in relation to the new Orders or AHRR may be forwarded to –