2015 National Conference Workshop Notes


Bruce Stark
Indirect Techniques
Sacro-iliac Joint Dysfunction and Low Back Pain

Shaun Brewster
Assessment and Treatment of Common Foot and Lower Limb Conditions
Barefoot Gait Analysis
Pre Watching :Barefoot Gait Analysis – Post Conference

Gary Lavis
Not just the Rotator Cuff 

Paula Nutting
Integrating RM with other Allied Health Workers 
Neurolymphatic Points: Validate  your Treatment Choices
What are Neurolymphatic Points – Post Conference

Til Luchau

Advanced Myofascial Techniques (TMJ/TMJD)
Pelvis Hip and Sacrum 1 and 2 – Post Conference
Advanced Myofascial Techniques (Sciatica)

Jason Kiely
Anatomy by Dissection