Scam Warning

Scam Warning

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AAMT continues to receive notification from members who are being contacted by potential scam artists. AAMT urges members to tread carefully when answering online queries.

For more information, please read on – Information originally published in June edition of the eNews.

Fraud Alert: get smarter with your data!
The theme for the recent Fraud Week 2015 campaign, “Get smarter with your data” focused on the importance of protecting your personal information. Fraud Week is an initiative of the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT) with more than 100 government and industry bodies which work to promote consumer protection.
Here are SCAMwatch’s Top Six Protect Yourself tips:

  1. keep your personal details secure
  2. think twice about what you say and do in an online environment
  3. keep your mobile devices and computers secure
  4. choose your passwords carefully
  5. beware of any request for your details or money
  6. get a copy of your credit report.

For more information on Fraud Week and how to get smarter with your data, visit the website or click here to review a recent article.

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Scam alert from a member:
An AAMT member has reported the following text message from a person calling themselves ‘Frank’ & ‘Jim’:
Hi (name) can you visit to massage our glutes/hamstrings male bodybuilders Frank & Jim from Jolimont.
Member response: Hi Frank & Jim, my clinic is not far from Jolimont. 
I’m there Tuesday – Friday so should be able to have an appointment time that suits your schedule. Let me know a day and time so you can make an appointment. 
Frank & Jim: But can you visit us?
Member response: No sorry, I don’t have a portable table anymore.
Frank & Jim says: Well, we have massage tables does that help?
Member response: Is this at a gym? It depends on the tables, most portable tables don’t like deep tissue / remedial work.
Frank & Jim says: No in our home.
Member response: Best to make a booking at my clinic.
Frank & Jim: Good that you wormed your way out on not visiting us with stupid questions & suggestions bye.
The member has now blocked the number and also Googled it and found that complaints have already been made.