Functional Fascial Taping

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Functional Fascial Taping

Contact:Ron Alexander
Phone number:(03) 9017 4237

Courses held in:Aus

Course NameCPE Points
FFT Workshop Program20

Course description:

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Evidence based pain relief.

FFT is a unique way to create an immediate and often significant analgesic effect and increase range of movement, facilitating accelerated rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pathologies. FFT is non-invasive, cost effective and can be applied to most regions of the body with equally impressive results. The method has an objective assessment procedure that is functionally assessed and functionally applied for pain free movement to encourage normal movement patterns.

FFT can be used for virtually any musculoskeletal condition and generally at any stage, be it acute, sub-acute or chronic conditions. FFT can create soft tissue mobilisation with movement [Real Time Ultra Sound Investigation] thereby treating patients and athletes while they are away from your clinic and making treatments last for longer. FFT has been shown to have a significant effect on pain in a Randomised Controlled Trial [PhD] for non-specific low back pain.

Video case studies showing its effect are available on YouTube [web links below] along with testimonials and articles published on the topic which are listed on our website clip – part1 (YouTube clip – part2

Ron Alexander during eight years service as the Principal Soft Tissue Therapist [Musculoskeletal] for The Australian Ballet. Ron has presented FFT to the International Olympic Committee World Congress, Fifth Interdisciplinary World Congress on Lower Back and Pelvic Pain and the Fascia Research Congress. He was a co-investigator of a Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study [PhD] at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia.

Musculoskeletal pathology focused therapists, Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Soft Tissue Clinicians, Chiropractors and Medical Doctors in many countries throughout the world.


Upcoming Workshops

Brisbane 16/17 July
Melbourne 23/24 July
Sydney 30/31 July
Contact: Budiman

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