Byron Thai Massage School

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Byron Thai Massage School

Contact:Valentina Gombi

Courses held in:NSW

Course NameCPE Points
Thai Yoga Massage Course20

Course description:

76 Sunrise Boulevard
Byron Bay, NSW 2481

About Byron Thai Massage School
This whole training is designed so that students gain an intensive learning experience in Thai Massage where practice is backed up by clear and detailed communication of the techniques and sequences original from the North of Thailand and supported by a detailed manual and a complete video to support the learning.

In addition, this course focuses on precise direction of pressure of each pressure point and each meridian, while using the practitioner’s body weight rather than strength and the best possible posture and alignment to avoid long term injuries.

This guarantees you are gaining as solid a grounding as is possible, on which to build your future practice.

Traditional Thai Massage is an interactive form of body-work in which the bodies of practitioner and client merge in continuous movement.  Yoga like stretches, mobilization of the joints, acupressure and reflexology link in a flow of movements that makes the treatment extremely effective for most conditions, while being both relaxing and energizing.

Along with the Yoga stretches, the other main focus is on the meridians – energy channels where the chi, or vital force runs – which get worked through very specific and continuous thumb pressure along tendons, ligaments and nerves.  In the end, energy pathways are cleared, muscles are elongated, joints are freed, internal organs and all bodily functions are stimulated into moving towards a more balanced state, so to improve overall health and well-being.

Thai Massage is also very beneficial for the practitioners.  Being done on a matt on the floor, using the whole body, the practitioner works always from above the client, in a very balanced way. Using both arms in the same way, with the same amount of body weight, moving throughout many different positions and stretches, this type of massage allows the practitioner to stretch and strengthen, focus on breath, and meditate while working.

Every day starts with an hour and a half Iyanga Yoga class and continues with the Thai massage component.

The first 2 levels provide students with the practical skills to perform the traditional sequence in 4 positions: front, side, back and sitting.

The 3rd level consists of 5 days of supervised practice to consolidate the information learnt in the previous two weeks so to make it easier to focus on your own body mechanics and postural alignment.

Classes are limited to 8 students, so that individuals receive complete professional training and personal attention.

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