President Announces Growth Initiatives at 11th Annual Conference

President Announces Growth Initiatives at 11th Annual Conference

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AAMT President Announces Growth Initiatives at
11th Annual Conference

AAMT president Paul McCann announced two major initiatives for growth and professional development and recognition during his welcome address at the 11th Annual AAMT Conference, held in Hobart during May 2016.

‘We, as a Board and executive, continue to focus on meeting the changing demands of our industry, and our association. I am pleased to announce a new certification program to ensure we continue to grow the value and credibility of you and your business, our organisation and the sector through a ‘certification program,’ Mr McCann said. Months of consultation with stakeholders across practice and industry has taken place to get to this launch and this will continue throughout 2016.

‘Secondly, the Board has also reviewed, evaluated and researched options to refresh our brand. They have resolved to bring forward a new, revitalised and relevant brand trading name of Massage and Myotherapy Australia that recognises the breadth and depth of our membership base across the span of qualification and skill. This process has been undertaken thoroughly and with professional input.’

‘Together the new branding and the strengthened certification programs will not only enrich our organisation and make it more relevant in today’s world, but will offer our members both a higher industry profile and a stronger and more relevant educational acknowledgement,’ Mr McCann said.

‘It is always a challenge for any organisation to research, debate, and challenge and agree on proposals that will alter the framework of their organisation.

‘Addressing the brand, and looking at proposals to elevate the professionalism and profile of AAMT through an enhanced certification program, has proven a challenge for your Board.

‘As a Board we continue to establish appropriate international relationships and to present the AAMT professionally in the public space through meetings with Government agencies, other industry groups, suppliers and sponsors, members and the public.

‘The process of developing these two iniatives has been professional, open and focused on delivering strong and viable options to our membership and I am proud of the way your Directors responded to this challenge and the opportunities we are bringing forward,’ Mr McCann said.

Mr McCann also acknowledged the Meaheneener people, the traditional owners and custodians of this land on which the conference was held, and highlighted the networking opportunity, and chance for members to put their ideas, concerns and views to members of the Board. "Feedback from members at the launch was positive and encouraging".

Before declaring the conference open, Mr McCann also thanked our sponsors, suppliers, and exhibitors for their continued and appreciated support, and acknowledged his fellow Directors for their contributions and commitment to the AAMT.

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