NSW Workplaces – Work Health & Safety Regulations

NSW Workplaces – Work Health & Safety Regulations

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Massage & Myotherapy Australia has been asked to remind members that under Work Health & Safety Regulations, all electrical equipment must be safe for use and that  “certain types of electrical equipment must be regularly inspected and tested by a competent person to identify damage, wear and detect electrical faults (SafeWork NSW – NSW Govt)  in Accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZ3760.

Workplaces are also reminded to ensure that the radiation levels being emitted from microwave ovens (staff rooms, kitchens , tea rooms etc.) are within the allowable limits outlined in the Australian Standard AS/NZ60225.2.25.

For convenience, NSW Workplace Servicing Division will focus our testing on the NSW Workplace sector from 27th March-30th April 2017.

As there are limited places, to have your Electrical Testing & Tagging and / or Microwave Radiation compliance testing during this period, please advise by COB Tuesday 21st March 2017  via email   (admin@power-safe.com.au )  or ph: 1300 305 303,  so that NSW Workplace Servicing Division may include you on the roster.

Testing will ensure your organisation is compliant with Work Health & Safety Regulations (electrical installations), Australian Standard AS/NZ3760 and with AS/NZ60335.2.25 radiation limits.

Should you require further information or a proposal, please do not hesitate to email compliance@power-safe.com.au or call 1300 305 303.

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