Notice is hereby given for the Eleventh Annual General Meeting of the Members of Australian Association of Massage Therapists Limited to be held on Saturday 15 November, 2014 at 10.30 am, Buckingham Room, The Stamford Plaza Hotel, 111 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.

Covered in the AGM will the following:

1. Financial and Other Reports
To receive and consider the financial report and the reports of the Directors and Auditor for the year ended 30 June 2014.

2. Member Appointed Director(s)
South Australia/NT Division, Queensland Division, New South Wales/ACT Division
Member-appointed Directors are voted on by the Voting Members of the relevant Division in accordance with (rule 13.1) of the company’s Constitution. The election was conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission. Voting Members are the Ordinary Members and Life Members (rules 6.6 & 6.7) with the address of their principal place of business in the relevant Division (rule 6.4(a)).The President will announce the results of the ballot at the AGM in accordance with (rule 13.3(b)).

3. Amendment to Constitution – Special Resolution
To consider, if thought fit, to pass the resolution as a special resolution:

That the Constitution tabled at the Annual General Meeting and initialled by the Chairperson of the general meeting of the Board for the purpose of identification, be adopted as the Constitution of the Company, in substitution of the current Constitution with effect from the conclusion of the meeting.

The explanatory notes following summarise the changes to the Constitution. A full copy of the current and proposed Constitution is HERE. If you wish to receive a printed copy of the Constitution please contact AAMT on 1300 138 872.

To Review the proposed Constitutional changed, please CLICK HERE

The Board recommends that members vote ‘in favour’ of the resolution

Details in relation to a member’s entitlement to appoint a proxy and instructions for lodgement of a proxy form are set out on the Proxy Form, which can be downloaded HERE

4. Other business
 To transact any other business that may legally be brought forward.