New Legislation for Victorian members now in place

New Legislation for Victorian members now in place

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The office of the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) has now replaced the office of the Health Services Commissioner and new legislation, the Health Complaints Act 2016 (Vic), now includes a much broader definition of a ‘health service’ and includes all members of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.  The HCC has jurisdiction over a wide range of non-registered providers and in addition, anyone will be able to complain to HCC, including the Association, not just consumers themselves.

The new legislation includes a Code of Conduct for non-registered practitioners or those practicing outside their area of registration. This provides a minimum standard that non-registered practitioners will be required to meet, as well as grounds for complaints or investigations. You are now required to;

  1. Read the Complaint Handling Standards that now apply to all Victorian health service providers.
  2. Display the Code of Conduct that now applies to Victorian general health service providers.
  3. Review the complaints section of the HCC website for full information

The following HCC information materials are now available to all members :
Download a copy of the Code of Conduct: In brief (A4)
Download a copy of the Code of Conduct: Full text (A3)
Download ‘Expect safe and ethical healthcare’ poster (A3)
Request ‘Making a complaint’ brochure (DL)
Request ‘My health records, my rights’ brochure (DL)