Introducing Massage & Myotherapy Australia

Introducing Massage & Myotherapy Australia





More than just a name change!




It is with great excitement that your Association unveils our new brand and logo in the next issue of the journal – now called the Massage & Myotherapy Journal –which you will receive in a few days’ time.
The new brand officially launches on 1 September.
The change is a response to the growth in AAMT’s membership, increasingly diverse modalities, and wide range of qualifications. It acknowledges our past and embraces the future, reflecting the professionalism and high standards of our members.
The new trading name ‘Massage & Myotherapy Australia’ is registered as a brand of the AAMT, and includes a new logo, colour palette, and proposition line ‘The Association of Professional Therapists‘.
In the next journal you’ll find an introduction to the new brand, Massage & Myotherapy Australia, and more information about another exciting step forward – the process of Certification – complete with four pages of Q&A to explain further.

Massage & Myotherapy Australia is a brand of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Ltd
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