Infinite Rewards FAQ

FAQ’s on the new Infinite Rewards Program


Is the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website & Infinite Rewards website different?

Yes, the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website and the infinite rewards website are two different websites.

Will the password reset for the Infinite Rewards Program affect the Massage & Myotherapy Australia login?

No. As they are two different websites, password reset for the infinite rewards website will not reset the password for the Massage & Myotherapy Australia website.

Why does the Infinite Rewards Program have the Massage & Myotherapy Australia logo?

This is because the program is open only to Association members.

Is the Infinite Rewards website and the discounts offered genuine?

Yes, the Infinite Rewards website and the discounts offered are genuine.

Why have Infinite Rewards sent an email to reset the password?

The reason why they have sent the email to members to reset the password is because the program has been moved to a new and better platform which facilitates easy access through mobile devices

What is the username for the new Infinite Rewards Program

The new platform requires only your email address as the username and not the member no.

Is the new Infinite Rewards Program safe and secure?

Yes, the new platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services in Australia. Amazon web services is a PCI DSS & ISO 27001 compliant service provider.

Is the Infinite Rewards Program Free?

Yes, it is free and is one of the member benefits of being a member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia.

How do I unsubscribe from the Infinite Rewards Program email communications?

The bottom of the email has the option to unsubscribe from infinite rewards email communications. Look out for the below wordings: If you no longer like to receive email please click here