Important Information from Medibank

Important Information from Medibank

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AAMT is responding to the changes Medibank has made to new provider numbers and location changes and is currently working through the eligibility of members who applied post September 1, 2013. Applications are being dealt with on a first in, first processed rule, no exceptions. To determine education eligibility for Medibank under their new criteria AAMT is conducting due diligence on all Colleges and RTOs that claim to meet the standard. A list of currently approved RTOs can be found by clicking here. This list is subject to change as changes are made at the RTO’s, national training packages or further changes from Medibank. It is the RTOs responsibility to deliver education to the Medibank eligibility criteria if they want their students to have providership with Medibank.

AAMT will revisit the educational requirements for Medibank IPNs once the final draft of the Health Training Package for Remedial Massage has been adopted by the CS&HISC post June 2014.

To see Medibank Requirements for Recognised Providers CLICK HERE, this  document can also be found in the Membership EKit . It is important that you read and understand the requirements for claiming for your clients. This includes in particular, detailed clinical notes for assessment and treatment plans and the documented appropriate treatment as per Medibank definition.

Medibank are continuing with random audits of providers and Associations.