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Whilst the vote remains out on which government and related health policies will be in term for the next three years, we can expect the rollercoaster ride concerning the fallout of the Review of the Rebates on Private Health Insurance for Natural Therapies, to continue to affect the decisions of the incoming government in relation to Private Health Insurance (PHI) rebates.

The review examined the evidence of clinical efficacy, cost effectiveness, safety and quality of natural therapies including massage and other clinical bodywork modalities such as myotherapy practiced by the AAMT membership.

Government has the sector firmly seated in CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicines) but with no definitive policy expressed by government, benign neglect appears to be the current position, which is likely to lead to less integration of massage and myotherapy if the sector does nothing to redress the overall negative findings of the review.

It is important in these vulnerable times to hold a long term vision on where the sector will head. Establishing strong allies across both the Allied Health and CAM professions will help to build support, integration and the resilience of the sector whether we like it or not.

AAMT membership is broad and diverse which is one of its strengths but can also be destabilising if differences in views and opinions obstruct our ability to operate effectively in the current economic and political environment. To isolate is dangerous, we have to build friends where we can and tackle the challenges ahead, collectively.

To this, AAMT has established a relationship with Complementary Medicines Australia, formerly the Complementary Healthcare Council.

CMA is a strong, lobbyist, advocating to government for many of the values held by AAMT including appropriate regulatory environments, improving consumer health, safety and growth opportunities for the sector. For example, in its pre-Budget submission for 2015/16, CMA recommended that the Government reflects the economic and population health contributions made by the sector when considering the upcoming Federal Budget.

Developing and maintaining allies across the health sector in order to build a more cohesive and collective voice strengthens the position of these values for AAMT members regardless of how you practice and where you see yourselves on the Allied v CAM continuum.

Our positive relationships with CAM and Associations within the Allied Health space  will augment our advocacy programs and help AAMT provide better outcomes adn a more secure future for our members.