Medical Community is calling for Alternative Pain Management

As a result of over the counter codeine products becoming prescription drugs, the medical community is calling for alternative pain management strategies which include five complementary pain management therapies.

This is a step forward in the recognition of the health benefits of Massage and Myotherapy, despite all the negative findings from the PHIR. The addictive nature of these drugs appears to be paving the way for a more receptive medical community towards alternative therapies. See the article ‘Pain relief costs increase’ in the Gladstone Observer, and ‘Pill price pain today’.

‘Pain Australia is calling on the government to fund a national pain strategy that will subsidise better ways of managing chronic pain including physiotherapy, exercise, massage and psychological support. Pain Australia CEO Carol Bennett says there are only 200 pain specialists in Australia, very long waiting lists for access to too few pain clinics and no subsidies for pain treatments that don’t involve medications. RACGP president Dr Bastian Seidel says' Australians need to start moving away from medication to treat chronic pain and look at physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage, exercise treatment, heat and ice as alternatives'

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