What to expect during a massage

Make sure you feel comfortable with your Therapist when you meet for the first time.  Your Therapist should ask you a series of questions and take notes. Part of this process means signing an ‘Informed Consent’ form, so you understand what kind of treatment you will receive; this is a legislative requirement. If you feel uncomfortable, or your potential Therapist is not communicative, it may be a good idea to keep searching.

Your Therapist should briefly explain disrobing, this is referred to as ‘Draping’, you can learn more about draping by clicking here.  You should only remove an item of clothing you feel comfortable removing.  AAMT recommends appropriate full draping during any massage treatment and unless modality-specific, there is no requirement for any area other than that being treated to be exposed.  Ask your Therapist what draping technique they will be using.  If your Therapist cannot help, you may want to consider your decision and move on.

Please keep in mind that massage therapy in Australia is self-regulated by professional associations and health funds. Massage Therapists fall under the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers. It is important to do research on your potential Massage Therapist to ensure you get the best result from of your treatment.

If you would like more information or to find a Massage Therapist/Myotherapist in your area, check the Australian Massage Directory at www.ausmassagedirectory.com.au