Public and Member Complaints Process

Under Clause 6 (11) of the AAMT Constitution, if the Code of Ethics is breached or a member is otherwise engaged in conduct unbecoming of a member, the Board Of Directors may discipline that person.

Members of the public and AAMT (Massage & Myotherapy Australia) members can use the Complaints Guidelines to lodge complaints against Massage & Myotherapy members.

The Association may choose to act on a complaint or, if matters come to its attention, discipline members.

Complaints must be made on the complaints form and should be directed to:-

The Chief Executive Officer
Massage & Myotherapy Australia
Level 8, 53 Queen Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
1300 138 872


> Complaints in Massage Therapy: 2003 – 2011
> Complaints in Massage Therapy: 2012-2015


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