AAMT Constitution Updated

AAMT Constitution Updated

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At the AAMT Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 15th November 2014, changes to the AAMT Constitution were adopted.  To view the updated Constitution please click here.  For a summary of the changes, See below.

1. Removal of Clause 2.3(a)
This Clause was inserted in the 2010 version of the Constitution as a transitional provision to make it clear that certain updates were to apply from the 2010 AGM. On that basis the Board considers that this Clause can now be removed from the new version of the Constitution (2014 Constitution).

2. Change to Clause 6.5 (b)
Amendments have been made to Clause 6.5 to clarify the application process for different classes of membership. Accordingly, Clause 6.5 has been to ensure that individuals are required to nominate the class of membership to which they intend to apply. Clause 6.5(b) has been removed given that the conditions for ordinary membership are set out in Clause 6.6 and it is noted those conditions include the requirement that the individual be a Massage Therapist. There is no change to the rights of Ordinary Members.

3. Change to Clause 6.7 (a) (i)(A)
It is the opinion of the AAMT Board that given the standard duration of a members practice, that seven (7) years was a more appropriate length of membership for eligibility for Life Member status.

4. Change to Clause 13.8
This Clause has been amended to reflect the rotations by Divisions of membership. At the time of the 2010 review  there were more Directors than positions available therefore the Clause provided clarity on end of their term and rotation order. The AAMT Board intends to maintain the same rotations started under the 2010 Constitution, this will occur in any event by virtue of the rotations having been set up in 2010 and each Director holding office for 3 years from the date of their appointment.

5. Change to Clause 17
This clause has been amended to ensure that any major changes to AAMT that require a change or development of a By Law are made by special resolution.